90% of attacks are delivered via email attachments

Sophisticated attacks make your employees open
malicious email attachments!

Malware can cause
great damage to your company

Szenario 1

An attractive offer

Correct email address and title. Today's attacks are often tailored precisely to the victims.

An attractive offer, which aims at provoking hasty actions.

A zip file containing several files. This can easily conceal malware.

Szenario 2

An Invoice from Unknown

Email addresses can easily be faked and therefore offer no clues to find out if the sender is legitimate.

Putting pressure on the recipient to act inconsiderately.

The most important information is missing. What is the invoice for? This can only be found out when the attachment is opened.

The malware is hidden in a PDF. As soon as you open it, the hidden malware will be activated.

Windows Software

Joe Sandbox Mail at a glance

  • Joe Sandbox Mail is seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Windows.
  • Easily analyze suspicious emails and files using Drag and Drop
  • Create security awareness among your employees with easily understandable analysis reports
  • Joe Sandbox uses the latest technology to unmask even the most sophisticated attacks!

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Your benefits

  • Detection of malware
  • Multiple email client support
  • Can be easily installed in your company
  • Adds up to other security products
  • Zero Performance Impact
  • Simple User Interface
  • Made in Switzerland


Joe Sandbox Mail in action

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